Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holy Saturday Batman!

Saturday morning we got up and went to Powers Crossroads festival for the second year in a row. We lathered Jackson up in suntan lotion, a hat and sunglasses and hit the road. We got there and Andrew carried Jackson while I toted the umbrella stroller. It was muggy and hot but so worth it. Sarah was the 7th to sing and she did AWESOME! She say Taylor Swift's song "Our Song". After she sang everyone was coming up to us saying how great she was...which I totally already knew:) Well she made it through to the second round. So while they totaled the points we went to get something to eat. We ran into EVERYONE! It was great seeing alot of people! Well in the end Sarah sang about 3 times and ended up winning for her age group! Which is sweet b/c she won some money and gets to play a concert on Monday! She is so awesome and I am so proud of her!

After that we got home and fed Jackson...which he is LOVIN himself some butternut squash! Then we packed up the car to head to Woodstock to see our Texas friends that moved to the big peach state. THE MAULDINS!!! Well first off we were meeting someone to pick up an exersaucer I bought from which is great but it could be be careful! We got to the place to meet the person to get it and they couldn't get there for another hour so we headed to the Mauldins. Had a blast there! LOVED their house! Had some yummy BBQ, sweet tea, and Juli's super chocolate chip cookies. Juli had bought Jackson some adorable presents which we are pulling out today for him to play with! We had a great visit and hated to leave but Jackson was getting very tired so we had to leave.

We ended up finally finding the guy that was selling the exersaucer...which was shady and it felt like a drug deal....meeting in a parking lot at a closed vet office and exchanging what was in his trunk to put in our trunk and an exchange of money. I don't think I'll ever do that alone and wondering if I'll do craigslist again. I think if I do...b/c I got an $80 toy for $35...I'll stick to areas I know and always take Andrew with me. We got home safely and put Jackson straight to bed! Write more later!

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