Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is in the air

We have enjoyed the crisp mornings that slowly warm up throughout the afternoons.  The kids are thrilled that we are outside practically all the time now!  It is so nice that Eva Kate is big enough to run around outside and play with her brother.

The only problem is if you turn your back for literally a second she high tails it up the drive way giggling the whole way!  Lets just say it isn't a fun game for Mommy. 

Jackson has been full blown pedaling a "bike" for a few months now but just recently he has decided that riding his hip vintage looking tricycle or his other "bike" he got when he was a "baby" isn't as cool as his older friend's big kid bikes.

So the other day he asked us if one day he could have a big boy bike so he could go fast.  This was seriously like the first time he actually asked for something.  Hubby and I had already been talking about getting him a bike for maybe Christmas but by then it will be cold and he will be wanting to ride all the time!  So we decided to scan the bike section at Target one night.  We ended up getting him a cute blue and yellow bike with legit training wheels. 

We showed him the box Sunday morning before church.  After church, and lunch Jackson and Daddy went out to build a bike:)  It was such a sweet memory.

 Riding with the big boys now!

Last night we took the kids to a nearby park.  We haven't been in forever!  Eva Kate and Jackson had a blast! 

Here is Jackson the first time he went and a picture of Eva Kate's first swing there!

 Also Jackson decided he wanted to be a pirate for Halloween and he wanted Eva Kate to be one too.  So her outfit came in the mail already and it is too cute but she wasn't too thrilled...she wouldn't even put the hat on...so I have a feeling we will be trying this on alot before Halloween...

kind of reminds me of this.... My sweet chicken Jackson:)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday night! 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It's Been A While!

Wow it has be a few since I have blogged.  So much is going on and those two kiddos keep me busy!  So I will try to recap the last few weeks.  

We attended our third Turin Tractor Pull.  This year because of the heat we decided to just attend the "Parade of Power" with a few friends.  Such a small town experience.  Lets just says lots of tractors, old and new line up and parade down downtown.  Jackson of course was in heaven, especially since we got to share it with his two buddies! 

In other news Eva Kate has gotten her walking papers!  

Jackson and Eva Kate love spending time together!  I love watching their relationship blossom.  They are truly becoming best friends.

Eva Kate loves playing outside!

Jackson loves being Daddy's Little Helper!

Jackson started 3 year preschool and is doing AMAZING this year!  He is already recognizing more letters and beginning to write his letters!  He has a fabulous teacher! We are so proud of him!

Eva Kate had her 12 month checkup today and that turned out great!  Her stats are:

Weight: 40 percentile
Height: 66th percentile
Head: 83rd Percentile
Her doctor said she is like a little lollipop! LOL!  She got three shots and took them well.  She was relieved to have Daddy there to comfort her!