Monday, September 29, 2008

Professionally cut!

This weekend was a busy one! Andrew played in the band at church this weekend so we were there all Thursday night and Friday night. Andrew also had to play Saturday morning so he was pooped! One funny story out of this is when we got there one of the ladies wanted to hold him and I told her Jackson just ate but she refused to listen. Even after she had been puked on once she continued to bounce him around...well when she wasn't looking he leaned over and puked all, I mean ALL in her purse. I took him and went to the other side of the room....I guess she found out eventually when the smell becomes overwhelming! LOL!

Saturday Andrew had a hair appointment and since she had a little time afterwards she gave Jackson his first official haircut. Of course those of you that know me I ALWAYS have my camera with me....well for some odd reason that day I didn't. So the pictures are from Andrew's cell phone so....Jackson did so well and sat patiently as Brandy cut his hair. My little man is growing up. He looks so adorable with his new do! Saturday night my parents came and hung out for a little while. That was so much fun seeing them! Sunday I had to go to Shay's wedding shower and Jackson and Andrew had a boys day which consisted of sitting on the couch chilling, watching football! They really bonded! That night Andrew's fam came over and we ate tacos, yummy! I watched Desperate Housewives...which was in awe of the odd season premiere....but I watch anyway. Then we went to bed early!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Silly Boy!

This week has been great! Alot more normal than the past few ones! Jackson is doing great and sleeping well. He has been sleeping till about 9ish everyday so far this week. I hope it continues but maybe he's just growing. We have a pretty good routine down pat now and I am loving that! He is more alert than ever and wants to do everything himself. He is very determined like his daddy. He doesn't like lying down anymore he always wants to sit up! He is grabbing all in sight and yes, putting everything in his mouth. Aunt Sarah came to visit Jackson yesterday and he showered her...literally showered her with puke! It was so funny b/c neither one of us knew what was coming. All Jackson could do was smile! Today he had the cutest faces he was making so I took a few pictures. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes! Tonight we are going up to church to listen to Andrew practice in the band for church. Jackson loves the music so I know he'll enjoy it. Uncle Mark is playing too!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Walker

This is Jackson's new walker. He loves it....he hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet...he only walks backwards. He does it moonwalk style!

Another Great Weekend!

We had another great weekend! Friday was jammed packed! I got up early and met mom at the First United Methodist Church for their Preschool consignment sale. Jackson got some cute fall/winter clothes and some toys. I got him some really nice/new v-tech music toy thingies. He loves them of course! After that my cousin Lori came down to spend some time with us! We had so much fun catching up and playing with Jackson. Right after she left Andrew's grandparents (Buck and Granny) came here and hung out with Jackson for a few hours. That was so much fun! Saturday morning we got up early and me, Andrew, Sarah, Patrick, Lori, and Jason all went to Six Flags for Andrew's company picnic. It was so awesome! It was the first time I got to ride a roller coaster with Andrew! We had so much fun and walked SOO much. Jackson had a great day spending time between the grandparents! When we got home we chilled out and watched some football with Jackson. Sunday was the best day of all! We woke up a little later than usual and came downstairs and Andrew made pancakes and eggs. It was so yummy. We lounged on the couch with Jackson and rented a movie "Baby Momma" which was hilarious b/c I love Tina Fey! We loved it! Then we just spent time together as a family playing with Jackson and cleaning up a little. We then went and ate dinner with Andrew's family at their house. It was yummy and it was great to see Mark before he went back to school. Today Andrew is working from home which is awesome having him here. Who knows what the day will hold and what the week will be like but so far its pretty great! I put a few pictures on here of one of our walks. We have been walking around the neighborhood almost every night and it is great since the weather is cooler. One night our little guy just couldn't make it all the way back with out falling asleep!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where do I begin?

So we had a great weekend. Friday night we went to La Parilla with Mark, Nathan and Lisa. We had so much fun. We ended up sitting next to the "band" which Jackson LOVED! He was dancing around!

Saturday it seemed was completely devoted to college football! We decided to move our coffee table in front of the fire place that day. This gives Jackson the full floor to roll and play!
Paris loved it and I think she thought we did it for her! So they love playing together on the floor.

Sunday we went to church. Jackson actually sat through the service and was quiet then fell asleep near the end. We got to visit with Andrew's grandmother and that was fun!

So the weekend was great! However I do not even know where to begin about Monday. Everything was great. Jackson was in a great mood as usual in the morning, Mark was here for a few minutes, Paris was her normal self....then....ahhhhh!!! So first, you remember we moved the coffee now there is a nice big rug in the middle of the floor. Paris puked! So I thought okay maybe she ate something weird I'll clean it up....well as I finished cleaning up the puke, let me repeat AS I FINISHED CLEANING UP she puked again and again and again. Of course she would do it right as I cleaned up the last. So I knew something was wrong. So I put Jackson in his exersaucer and continued to clean up. I noticed that Jackson had then puked all over his exersaucer and Paris had also puked all on the rug in the kitchen AHHH! So I ran around the house pulling up every rug we had down! AHHH! So I got everyone cleaned up and rushed to the vet. Well since I had a baby and a sick dog I needed help. I didn't have my cellphone b/c Andrew accidentally took it. So I had already called my mom and she was meeting me at the vet to help. Then my dad showed up to help and then came in Andrew's mom and her mom! I have such a wonderful support system! So Jackson was well taken care of! Come down to it that Paris probably just had a small upset stomach. She does however have her allergy issues and we are doing testing on her! It gets expensive but she's only 2 so we don't want her to suffer. Anyway we had a great night. We went out and finally found gas at QT at 4.09! Hopefully it will go down soon! Then Andrew came home and steam cleaned our rug:) I love him:)

Today is Jackson's 5 month birthday!!! My big boy! He is growing up so much. He is still talking. Sitting up unassisted for short periods of time and eating food like crazy! He is so great and I am loving the stage he is in right now! I am soaking it up because I know once he starts teething it will not be fun! Here are some pictures from the past week:) Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Great weekend!

We had a great weekend! It was relaxing and packed with family fun! We got to spend time with both sets of Grandparents and it was so much fun! Jackson is still eating his food like a champ. Andrew got to feed him a whole bowl of food for the first time. They both loved it and Andrew got to finally see that I don't smear the food all over him Jackson does it to himself!

Saturday Jackson loved college game day and got all dress up for Auburn! It was so much fun!
Jackson is still loving his exersaucer and putting everything in his mouth he can get his hands on.
Yesterday we started Jackson on peas...and he loved them!
Also this weekend Jackson had his first bath on the big boy side of the tub. He liked it!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

1st haircut and Lunch with Daddy!

So Andrew finally talked me into trimming Jackson's hair. I said yes because he started looking like a little poor kid. His hair is way down his ears and in his eyes so we had to do it. Here is Andrew getting ready....he held him over the

Before the cut....

Afterwards...the new do!

The hair that Andrew made fun of me for keeping...oh well...I kept it!

Friday I took Jackson up to Atlanta to meet Andrew for lunch. We woke up, had a great morning, took a bath then headed out. Jackson finally started playing with one of his bath toys while in the tub!
Daddy loves having his family at work with him!
Daddy got him all excited and of course...he spewed! At least his new bib caught it all!
Afterwards we went to IKEA and got some odds and ends. I could always spend hours in that store...but Jackson didn't want to. Just like a man after a certain time it was time to go and time to go NOW! So we left and he slept the whole way home. On the way back we stopped by the hospital and Jackson got to meet a new friend of his Nathan James Dewberry. Too cute! They'll have a play date sometime soon!
Looking forward to a nice weekend with the fam!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Halloween Costume Choices:)

So I told you before I found a giraffe costume at a consignment sale and then the next day learned I won a chicken costume from ebay. So you be the judge...which one is your favorite?

Here is Jackson in the chicken costume...lets just say that it is way cute but way hot! So unless it is really cold on Halloween we will probably be a giraffe! Watch the video at the end to see how Jackson reacted! Too cute though! I could seriously dress him up all day long!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sweet tater:)

Jackson has been doing great starting on veggies. The doctor told us to do all yellow veggies first, trying a new veggie every three days (to make sure he isn't allergic to any of them. Then we do the greens and finally fruits. So we are on our second yellow veggie. He loved his first, squash but man he LOVED sweet potatoes! He ate every single bite!

It makes it so much for fun and way easier to feed him when he likes what he is eating! I am sort of dreading the greens:( Hopefully the sweet potatoes will settle well in his little tummy:) So far so good. At least we'll be at my parents house if he decides to have a massive blowout! LOL! We are about to leave to go eat lunch with my mom and dad so we are very excited! Oh also I am working on a blog that has Jackson in his Halloween costumes. I am just waiting for a good time to put him in the chicken outfit b/c I don't want him to spew orange sweet potatoes or butternut squash all over the white outfit! Hopefully I can get that up later today or tomorrow so keep tuned in! I am also going to try to update this a little more often...but we'll see!