Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa 2010

No words necessary. Except maybe one day there WILL be payback! I love my babies!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Penny saved is a penny earned"

The saying "A penny saved is a penny earned" describes Jackson:) Jackson loves finding coins everywhere and he puts them in his pocket and always puts it in his piggy bank. Well it paid off! Jackson has been carrying around a sales paper he found in the paper to one of his favorite stores (Tractor Supply Company) *go figure! On the front of the ad had all of the model tractors that Jackson loves so dearly. Yesterday we dropped Andrew off for his dentist appointment and me and the kids when grocery shopping at Publix. Well Jackson happened to see Tractor Supply as we rode by to pick Andrew back up. He begged Andrew to take him to the "tractor place." Andrew came up with the great idea that after Jackson's nap we could open up his piggy bank, count up all the coins he has found and saved and then go and pick out a new toy tractor.

When Jackson woke up we emptied the bank and he sorted the coins by shape. The grand total was a SHOCKING $16 and some change! So he proudly put it in a Ziploc baggie,

got on his coat and Jackson and Daddy ventured out in the cold to their favorite place:)

While us girls stayed home cooking dinner Jackson was on his shopping spree. Andrew called and told me how much of a great boy Jackson was at the store. He carefully picked out his toy and stood in line patiently and talked to others in line. Andrew wouldn't tell me what they bought (Jackson was wanting an orange tractor so I was thinking that was the prize).

Jackson burst into the house with his toy and took it to the living room and said "We need scissors" (to get the toy out of the box). I managed to get him to pose for a few pictures:) Enjoy!

Also on EKC update. She is doing great. She is an angel. EKC is slipping into a great routine which is making life seem more "normal". She has mastered eating rice cereal and just this week we introduced peas and she LOVES them! Peas are just a small "snack" in her diet but she loves something new!
And Jackson is being a nut!She is also loving Jackson's old exersaucer! She sits up well assisted and now is trying to do it on her own! She is growing up too fast!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Santa sent an early present down to Jackson and Eva Kate and that is our new elf, Ollie. He is here to watch over the kids and report back to Santa their behavior. Jackson loves looking for all the crazy places Ollie ends up showing up in! Sunday morning we found Ollie in Eva Kate's swing. I kept telling Jackson," remember don't touch him, he loses his magic and Ho Ho won't come." Well he snuck a touch and I repeated myself with "I hope you didn't touch Ollie, his magic will be gone and Ho Ho won't come." He looked at me and said firmly, "You don't say that Crystal!" I think it is hilarious that he called me by my first name but he takes Ollie very serious. Lets just say he hasn't touched Ollie again!

Also on another note: I will be having a soft tissue graft surgery on my gums the Tuesday after Christmas so keep me in your prayers. I went for Pre-Op yesterday and left kind of nervous with 5 prescriptions. I came home and watched the "video" on their website of the type of surgery I was having. I think it freaked me out more. BUT on the bright side I see it as I can eat whatever I want all Christmas! I will be on a liquid/soft diet for a few days so I could stand to lose a few pounds :) LOL! But seriously keep me in your thoughts that day so that everything will go great and I will have a speedy recovery!

Also on your prayer radar please think of my sister Sarah this upcoming week. She will be driving with her CCF mission group to Acuna Mexico to build a house! SO pray for the whole group and the family they are helping. I pray they return safely!

And this picture is just too sweet not to share! Andrew is just the bestest Daddy!

Friday, December 03, 2010

The Wiggles!

As if they were real.....

Thank you so much to one of my friends from college, Hester! She emailed me about a week ago asking if Jackson still liked the Wiggles (her kids loved them too) so of course yes. Little did I know she had all the Wiggle "characters" because I know I am not allowed to call them dolls ;) A few days later Jackson got his package in the mail. Jackson acted like they were the real wiggles. He NEVER poses for pictures but evidently he will if a Wiggle is evolved. Hester I should have followed your advice and not showed him that they can turn! Thank you soooo much girl! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Shutterfly is Amazing!

So in addition to my previous post I want to tell you that Shutterfly is the bomb! After posting my last post I received an email with my code for 50 free cards! After much debate on which style we decided. As much as I wanted a family picture all together I knew that it would never happen since Jackson never wants a picture with us. Maybe he doesn't like us (just kidding). SO...Shutterfly had the perfect card for us! Check it out and if you haven't gotten your cards yet please consider Shutterfly!

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