Thursday, January 29, 2009

What A Week!

Wow this has been one of the craziest weeks in a while. Andrew worked from home on Monday because Jackson had his 9 month check up. Everything is great with Jackson! He still surprisingly hasn't passed the 20lbs mark. But he keeps getting taller! The doctor told us that we can experiment more with Jackson's food and feed him more of what we eat (which we had already been doing) but Jackson loves it! Unfortunately Monday night I started getting sick. I think I just had a virus but I am still not feeling up to par :( So Andrew worked from home again on Tuesday so that he could take care of Jackson while I rested. He is such a wonderful husband!

Yesterday Jackson decided to start crawling. Where that came from I have no idea but once he started he hasn't stopped. This morning I had to barricade the living room just so I could rest a bit. It is so crazy how he can go from rolling around to actually focusing on something and then crawling over to get it! So we are now baby proofing as we go.

Last night Jackson had his first spaghetti dinner! He ENJOYED IT! Of course we enjoyed watching him eat it all up...the fun part came when we tried to clean him up. He had spaghetti EVERYWHERE! Andrew just took him straight upstairs to bathe him while I did highchair duty...I think next time we are going to stick a trash bag over him with a little hole cut out for his head and arms....Soooo messy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

9 months makes a difference

It seems that once he hit the 9th month....everything has changed. He naps better (more on schedule), "talks" more, attempting to crawl, furniture walking, and zooms around the house like crazy in his walker.

On Thursday Jackson had a play date with Ella. They were born in the same hospital, on the same day, same doctor! They had fun together! Jackson shared some of his Mum mums with her. Here Jackson tried a Marshmallow. Please don't judge me! He loved it.. of course..have we fed him anything he hasn't loved?
This is Jackson's Tonka truck that he got for Christmas and is just now enjoying it. Andrew will drive him all over the house and Jackson LOVES it! Can you tell?

This is a great picture of Andrew and Jackson. Look at those teeth!!!
Jackson loves for us to read to him. He also loves to look at his books all by himself. We have found him lately sitting on the floor reading to himself. So this morning instead of Daddy reading Jackson his book, Jackson read his book to Daddy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

9 months BABY!

Wow it is crazy to think that our little man is 9 months old today! He has now been alive for as long as I had carried him! He has changed so much in these nine months. Just recently he has become unstoppable! He isn't crawling but he can scoot anywhere he wants to go! He is way more interested in trying to walk and pulling himself up. So maybe he'll skip crawling all together and just start walking! We'll see. Happy 9 months little man!

Yesterday my Aunt Karen and cousin Melanie came over with Melanie's new little baby Emily. She is the cutest little girl! Jackson didn't quite know what to do with a baby that small (3 weeks old). He was more interested in her when she got into her carrier. It was too cute! Soon those two will be playing together!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Things have been going great but crazy as always. Jackson has decided to take up a college student's schedule. I think it is because he has been off schedule for so long with the holidays around. But now the holidays have passed and its time to get back to normal. The past few nights we have started putting Jackson down for bed early and he will be sitting up straight in bed from 8:30 till about 11. Wide awake and laughing up a storm. Then this morning I had to wake the little booger up! HE was trying to sleep till who knows what time. I gave in and woke him up at 9:30. I was bored. I had already cleaned up stairs and put all the clothes away in the laundry room. So he woke up and started bouncing off the walls with energy. So he played for awhile then I fed him lunch and put him in his crib for a nap. It was great! He slept for about 2 solid hours and I got all the vacuuming done in the entire house!!! I think that maybe we are getting ready to drop the afternoon nap. Maybe that is why he is staying up so late. So I am going to try to let him go on this one big nap today..... we'll see!

Anyhoo here are some pictures of what we've been up to lately. Sarah and Patrick spent New Year's eve with us. We played Mexican dominoes, Dance dance revolution and Andrew and Patrick hung up our new mirror over the fireplace.
So Jackson has my eye color but.......
He looks just like his daddy!
Lisa came to play! She had her sunglasses out so Jackson needed his!
Jackson playing in the bathtub with the Tiger Aunt Sarah got him for Christmas!
Andrew makes the greatest pancakes on the weekends! This time Jackson got to enjoy them too!