Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taking the house to Florida

This weekend has been a restful yet busy one. Jackson went to the doctor Saturday. When we got home Grandma Mitchell and Aunt Sarah came to visit Jackson and bring him a present to try to help cheer him up. We had a great visit and Jackson really perked up! He even jumped in his jumpy seat for a little bit.

That night he took some of his medicine and went to sleep. We were up alot last night but that is okay. Andrew has been incredible. He has been helping me at night because Jackson is up more since he's been sick. I really do love him!

Well today has been great we have just lounged around and did things to get ready for the trip. Jackson was full of words today. He "talked" nonstop! Too cute! I know that as soon as he can really talk...he won't stop. Well I guess we are in for long discussions and interesting questions:) Tonight Andrew went with Mark to see John Hobbs to stand up comedy, which I am sure is hilarious and I wish I were there but I am way too pooped and I had to rewash all of Jacksons clothes for the trip. I realized now that when you go on a trip with a baby you literally pack the entire house! I am so glad I bought the umbrella stroller b/c we are going to need every bit of that trunk space! So I put Jackson to bed and I am glad now to have everything almost done...waiting on the dryer to quit, so I have a date with a glass of chocolate milk, the couch, Paris and good old TV:) I am taking my laptop with me to Destin so I can keep you all up to date on our adventures going on vacation as our new little family:)

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