Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy, busy baby!

Here are a few pictures I forgot to post on our last day in Destin... I love my little angel!

Well sorry it has been a few days. It seems like ever since we came back from the beach things have been busy. On Friday we went around and visited all of the grandparents. That was fun!

On Saturday me and Jackson went to a baby shower for Sara Dewberry. It was really nice to see alot of people I haven't seen since high school!

On Sunday we helped move Mark to Auburn. It is so nice down there and I really think he's going to have a blast in Graduate school! His roommate is nice too! The best is that he got to bring Hershey!

On the way home Jackson's feet got cold so I put on some silly socks and he had a blast! I think he thought his feet really changed colors! Enjoy!

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