Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buddy Boy at the beach

When Jackson first saw the ocean. He jumped out of my arms ran to the water and jumped in head first. No... not yet, that will be a few years. Within 30 minutes we went to the beach, got in the ocean, went to the outdoor pool, went to indoor pool. WHEW! Jackson likes the indoor pool because it is warm. The sun outside is so bright for him he actually kept his sunglasses on all day! God love it! He also loves the birds on the beach. He tries to watch each bird that landed in front of us while we were at the beach. The whole trip so far people who meet Jackson all think he is adorable. We think so too:) Enjoy the pictures and the videos. We miss everyone back home but we are having a BLAST! Love you all!
Oh Daddy you are so sweet to me!

Well I'd like to say he got seasick....all on me! And Andrew kept taping:)

Andrew is ready to go swimming so I'll post pictures later!

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