Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Toddler Times

Jackson went to Ella's birthday party on the 18th. He had a BLAST! Ella's Kindermusik teacher came to do a lesson and Jackson loved it! He loved playing with the drum. He also loved Ella's ball pit. We all had so much fun at the park for Ella's party.

Sunday the 19th we had a huge 1st birthday bash for Jackson. We had almost the whole family here and a few of our friends. We had so much fun eating and celebrating Jackson's first year. I did make an attempt to make his birthday cake and it came out great! There was plenty of cake and cupcakes to go around! Jackson got some really nice presents. We are moving from baby toys to toddler toys! Ella let us borrow her ball pit for our party. They had so much fun! This is Jackson and Ella trying out some of Jackson's new toys.After his party Andrew and Jackson out voted me and they got a ball pit. Jackson LOVES LOVES LOVES it! Can you tell? If he suddenly disappears you'll find him in the pit!

Since the weather has advanced from late winter to early summer we have been able to get outside almost everyday! Jackson loves walking around in the yard!
Jackson also got a cool sandbox for his birthday from his Great Grandma Beverly and Uncle Steve. I have a feeling this will be one of his favorite spots!

This past Saturday we went down to Columbus to spend the day with Uncle Mark. We had so much fun. We went to downtown Columbus where they were having a family fun day. We walked around, ate lunch and got ice cream.

Oh and we got to meet Sponge BOB
After we went to downtown Uncle Mark took us to see where he worked (AFLAC). Jackson sat on Uncle Mark's desk and there was a quack attack!

After Aflac we drove around Columbus and then we went to Target where Uncle Mark bought Jackson a wagon for his birthday. When we got home we put the wagon together and Jackson just loves sitting back and relaxing while we pull him around.

Yesterday Jackson went to the library for the first time and got to pick out his own books. Since he loves books this was a blast! We are going back Wednesday for story time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jackson is ONE!

Yesterday was Jackson's first birthday! WOW! He had a great day! Jackson is having a huge first birthday bash on Sunday but I felt guilty not letting him dig into cake on his actual birthday. So I baked Jackson a small cake for this special day. He LOVED IT! He started off slow but then dug into it. We decided to stop when he started flinging cake everywhere.