Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Jackson's Great Grandma and Great Granddaddy sent him his first boom box as an early birthday present. It already has 20 built in songs but it is also an Mp3 player and you can add songs to it. Thankfully it is all rubber so when he drops it...and he has multiple times...it doesn't break! Here is a video of him playing with it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

North Carolina

This week we had an adventure! Andrew had to go to North Carolina to two plants for business. We decided to go along with him! Wednesday we traveled from Sharpsburg, GA to Wilmington Beach, NC! It was a LONG LONG ride but we had fun! That next morning I drove Andrew to work and then drove Jackson to the beach. It was very warm (70 degrees)! We parked and walked up to the beach which was very windy and Jackson didn't like that too much. He did enjoy watching all of the locals walking with their dogs on the beach. Evidently Wilmington Beach is a huge surf spot and so we got to watch the surfers. The funny thing is that Jackson sat on the sand for literally 2 minutes and when we got back to the car and I changed his diaper there was sand EVERYWHERE! OIY! Here is where he found a seashell and tried to eat it...

So we left the beach and found a really nice outdoor mall and since the weather was great I put Jackson in the stroller and we walked around and shopped for a while. We went to lunch and then went to pick up Andrew at work. Andrew wanted to go to the beach before we left so we drove him to where we were earlier. Jackson thought it was so much fun to have daddy at the beach and he had the biggest smile the entire time we were there. Andrew put Jackson's hands in the water so Jackson has now touched the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean before he was one! Jackson thought it was funny and tried to stick his hands in Andrew's mouth.

That night we drove to Mebane, NC...which if you ever get a chance to go there, pass on that. That day was hard because I didn't have the beautiful beach or the fancy outdoor mall and it was 40 degrees! So we found an outlet mall in Burlington which only had a Carter's outlet. So I stayed in there as long as possible and got Jackson some "big boy" pjs. Later we picked up Andrew and drove down to Asheville. Overall our trip was very fun but we are SOOO glad to be back home!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Beep Beep

I know wow 2 posts in 2 days but this is too cute to pass up. Last night Jackson was on a car kick. Andrew always plays cars with him and makes car noises and last night Jackson decided to play along...and keep playing! I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It seems as though Jackson changes so much daily. I haven't been able to blog lately because Jackson has not only learned how to crawl, but he kicked it up a notch and can "speed crawl" so my level of watching him has increased. He isn't very interested in his food anymore he wants to eat whatever we are eating. That has been interesting but enjoyable. Jackson is still hanging out with precious Ella!

Since the weather has been so warm we took Jackson to the park to swing, which is now his favorite past time. That boy loves to swing! I think we'll have to get him a swing for his birthday to attach to the bottom of our deck.

A few days ago we ran out of apple juice and Jackson really missed it. Today we went got and got more. When we got home he wouldn't put his juice down! So yes he was drinking and driving.
Also yesterday Jackson got his first real official boo-boo. I was loading clothes into the dryer and the curious boy that Jackson is was trying to pull himself up on the dryer door and when he finally did he fell in between that door and the other door to the laundry room. I was proud that he only cried for a minute! The poor boy however does have a mark above his eye. I wasn't too upset because I know this is just the beginning of many boo-boo's to come!