Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach Day 2

Jackson got cold so daddy wrapped him up like an Eskimo baby:)This is our hotel we are staying at:)
Nice calm ocean...not anymore!
Momma I'm ready to go!
Rockin the sleep at the Hard Rock!

Today was a really relaxing day. The temperature has been wonderful but the weather not so much. It has rained almost all day long. We have spent most of our time in the indoor pool. We took a long walk on the beach today and that was so much fun. What a memory. Then we came inside and got ready to go out. We ate a Hard Rock Cafe and that was a blast. We met another couple from Houston that had a 4month old son. After that we went shopping at the outlet mall. Jackson was pimped out in his new red stroller and his cute red sunglasses! We got so many compliments. Everyone that walked by and saw Jackson freak out at how cool he looked:) Now we are back in the room, Jackson is asleep and we are watching Juno. It is so cool because our hotel has unlimited free DVD rentals and they are all new movies so we are watching a few:) I am looking forward to another full night of sleep and can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold for us. Hopefully great sunny weather because I have not got any sun at all :(

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