Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's a Watermelon Day!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Tuesday morning Jackson, Eva Kate and myself took a trip to Publix, which is always an adventure.  If you didn't know Publix gives a free cookie to kids.  Jackson always chooses the chocolate chip cookie.  Well lately Eva Kate wants WHATEVER it is that Jackson is eating.  So I went back to the bakery (after Eva Kate wouldn't stop attacking her brother and screaming)  and got Eva Kate her first ever chocolate chip cookie.  She was in heaven!  She loved every morsel, and the rest was all over the place!

Another stop we MUST make at Publix is the fresh cut fruit section.  Well they didn't have any out to sample and the pre cut was an arm and a leg so we chose to get a 1/4 of a watermelon.  When we got home Jackson helped me cut the watermelon into the nice chunks that he likes (he used his kiddy knife).  Of course little Eva Kate was screaming for whatever it was big brother was eating.  So I put her in her highchair and that girl demolished the watermelon.  Speaking of demolishing watermelon...Jackson has eaten almost he entire thing!  We have maybe enough for a little snack later.  So enjoy the photos.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I got my OWN grill

Friday me, Jackson, and Eva Kate went to Target to get some toys for our church's toy drive.  While shopping the clearance toys I spotted a play grill.  I knew Jackson would love that for Christmas so when he wasn't watching I slipped it in the bottom of the cart.  Halfway through our Target trip Jackson spotted the grill and fell in love.  He kept saying to EVERYONE, "I have my OWN grill."  I mean I figured he would forget but we went to other stores and he told everyone there about "his grill".  So when Daddy got home we decided to give it to him and I think this is his favorite toy yet!

He seriously flipped on Saturday when Andrew grilled out and asked if Jackson wanted to bring his grill out on the deck too.  Enjoy the pictures....Jackson is usually fully clothed!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a FABULOUS Fourth of July!  We started it off by letting Eva Kate and Jackson spend the night for the first time at Grandma and Granddaddy's house!  The kids had a great time, so did the grandparents.  We picked up the kids and spent the 4th of July afternoon with Mom, Dad and Sarah.  We had so much fun!
Here is my beautiful sista!

We then went to visit Granny, Pappy and Uncle Mark.  We had fun there too.  Jackson found an old wheelbarrow in their basement.  If you don't know this about Jackson he loves to work!  He begs to go outside to work!  So he had fun pushing this around the house!  
We came home and got to shoot off some fireworks in the culdesac.  We had so much fun!

Eva Kate loves herself a tutu!  She LOVES wearing them! 
She loves them so much that Jackson asked, "Mommy can I have one?"  I had to explain that they were only for girls.  He quickly said "well Mommy I am a boy, I don't want one."  

Monday, July 04, 2011

Past few weeks

This past week we have been cleaning up and storing away some of those precious baby items that Eva Kate has outgrown.  It is sad seeing them go away wondering if we will ever use them again.  Here is Eva Kate the first time she used the swing.

 And here she is right before we put it up.

 Jackson even tried out the baby tub. (FYI we haven't used any of these items in a long while.  We just had them shoved into the spare bedroom)

 Jackson learned to pedal his bike!  He is growing up so fast and learning new things everyday! 

Our little Miss is growing up fast too!  Over the past two weeks she has hit a growth spurt!  She is "furniture walking", speed crawling, loves to love on her babies, she now says "baby"....and you can tell in this photo she is already learning how to be a woman....she is bossing around her brother!

 I didn't do it.

She loves to feed her baby a bottle.

 Isn't he beautiful.

 So full of personality.