Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Test Results

Thank you all for your prayers. I got the results to my CT scan this morning and everything seems okay on my right side. Now we think it is just scar tissue and I am still healing (slow healer I guess). Unfortunately, or fortunately they found a small cyst on my left ovary. The doc said there isn't anything to be worried about that these are common and may go away. Given my history it makes me worried because this is the only ovary I have left and I want more kids. The worst I think could happen is that next time I get pregnant it could increase in size like the other one did. We will see. I cannot worry about that. I know that God is in control and whatever happens I will still love Him. Continue to pray and keep me in your thoughts.

In other news Jackson is feeling much better thanks to the wonderful prescription. He is now up and running and back to his "normal" self:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A puppy, A Plane, a Prescription

Sorry it has been a while. With Jackson running around now makes things a little more difficult (especially to write in the blog) but also makes things really fun! Mom and Dad got a new puppy a few weeks ago. His name is Scooby and he is a cutie! Jackson loves Scooby and they are going to have fun growing up together.

Last Tuesday I started Graduate School. I am working towards a masters in Early Childhood Education. My first class is amazing. I have a wonderful professor and the subject is very enlightening. It is Critical Issues in Education. What I love is that the professor isn't caught up in feeding us information to later spit back to him, instead he leads class in a discussion setting. He has really formed the classroom into more of a community. I really enjoy my time in class each week.

On Saturday we went to the Falcon Field Airport to see a Hurricane plane. Jackson really enjoyed seeing the plane. He also got to see a small airplane take off and a helicopter do a fly by. Now if you ask him where is the airplane he points up to the sky.

Jackson's words are now: Momma, Da da, dog, ball, bye, hi, backpack (from Dora), ba ba, no, he calls my mom: mom momma (grandmomma) he is getting close to saying Granny and is making out pappy. The other night Sarah spent the night while Andrew was in Canada and Jackson walked up to her and said Sarah. But he has yet to do it again. I am sure his vocab is going to pick up as he is dying to talk. Right now what he says sounds like Chinese. He gets frustrated I don't understand but it is so cute!

Also we finally got the camera I have been wanting forever! My first Canon DSLR! I LOVE IT! There is so much to learn but I know that I can do it and learn to make some amazing pictures to capture these memories. Little Jackson is growing up too fast.

Yesterday we had to break the streak we had going and Jackson made his first sick visit to the doctor. He has had a really high fever and lethargic so I took him in. Fortunately it is only a sinus infection and we have antibiotics and so far so good! I hate having my little man sick! On top of Jackson being sick (I haven't slept in days because of this) I had to go in Monday for a CT scan of my pelvis area. I have been dreading this b/c of three things: Barium drink for breakfast, IV (i hate needles), the results. The Barium drink I cringed down, Jackson thought it was hilarious to see me gag after every swig. The IV and test wasn't bad at all, not my favorite but God got me through it. We are now just waiting for results. So keep praying! After drinking all of that and having the IV stuff in my system I have felt nauseous. So thankfully yesterday I had the Grandma brigade (Grandmomma and Granny) were here for reinforcements. They are the best! Jackson started his meds today and seems to be feeling better. Me on the other hand still hasn't slept and I am still nauseous.