Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rainy Saturday

I am so loving this weather. Most of you probably think its nasty outside but I love the temperature! Yesterday Andrew worked from home, which is awesome and totally helps me out a ton. We got up, met Patty and Greg at Chick-fila and ate breakfast. Afterwards me and Jackson, Patty and Greg went to Sonrise Church to the consignment sale. I got Jackson a cute giraffe Halloween costume...which later came home to find out I won and EBay sale that I truly didn't expect to win... My bid was 4.00 for a brand new outfit. Anyhoo now we are torn between a giraffe and a chicken. The chicken is a heavier costume so maybe we'll wear it if its colder. I also got a few fall outfits for Jackson, a few Barney and Veggie Tale DVDs and a cute walker thing that is a mail carrier station. Too cute!


That afternoon Mark came over to visit and brought Jackson his first Bible. He read to him a little while and Jackson just loved it! Jackson had his 4 month checkup today. He weighed in at 16lbs 12.5oz! He is now 27 inches long! The doctor said he is actually statistically underweight for his! But he is great! He got his shots...and he cried -which pull at your heart like you will never believe. The worst feeling is knowing that you caused a pain to your child. But shots were something we had to do. Well then we dropped off Jackson at Granny and Pappy's so me and Andrew could help Mark move all his furniture back to Sharpsburg...yes all the stuff we took last weekend we are bringing back. Long story and starts with an eeew gross and ends with Jumangi and the theme song is "Welcome to the Jungle"... catch my drift yet? We actually had a blast and it didn't rain for a change. We got home late but had fun. Jackson woke up around 7...blah for a Saturday morning. But it gave me a chance to cook a nice breakfast for Andrew:)

Now we are headed out to meet up with Jonathan and Emily Skolrood and Charles, Shannon and Carleigh Holcombe. For those of you that don't know Jonathan had a hand in getting me and Andrew together! So we love us some Skolrood! Hope to write soon.

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