Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

My title is a little sarcastic because of the lovely day/night we are having. Jackson woke up last night every like 30 mins. So in short the longest stretch of sleep I got was 1 hour! So we both got up at 5:30 this morning a little fussy. Last night...or this morning at 2:30 I found myself complaining about waking up in the middle of the night to take care of Jackson and I felt like God spoke to me. I felt like He told me not to complain because even though it was seeming inconvenient to wake up I am blessed to have a baby and on top of that a healthy one that can cry and make noises. Some women would do anything to have a baby and I am blessed to have one. So that was my early morning enlightenment. :)

On a lighter note....

Andrew and I are thinking that maybe our little man keeps waking up b/c he is still hungry. This seems to always be an issue. I have stop breastfeeding because I do it and then not too long later he is hungry. We are now almost fully on formula. Well Jackson eats every four hours and usually consumes 6-8 oz and sometimes crushes the bottle and throws it on the floor (not really but that is how Andrew explains Jackson demolishing his food). So we decided to cheat and give him a little rice cereal to see if that satisfies him. I thought that he would automatically spit it out but he seemed to enjoy it. I gave him few spoonfuls and then gave him his 6 oz bottle. I think he was thoroughly satisfied. He still had 1 ounce of formula left and he passed out! YAY I hope he takes a nice nap so he will feel better! Below is the video of his first bite of cereal:)

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