Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just a summer cold

So we had a rather eventful night. Jackson's fever got to 99.8 so we gave him a little more Tylenol and that made him feel better. He slept well in his crib for a good while and got some much needed rest! So that was the good news.

...the bad news....
Do not...I repeat, do not ever eat Mexican food for dinner then snack later on a piece of supreme pizza. It will result in a 1 am wake up call! So Jackson felt better but mommy was sick! Thank God Andrew was here so he could take care of Jackson when he woke up at that time! Thankfully it was a one time thing and I am feeling way way way better! And I got alot of sleep!

Also this morning Jackson still had a fever and started to cough a little so we took him to the Children's clinic in Fayetteville. They were so nice! Jackson weighed in at a whopping 16.3 pounds! HOLY MOLY! She checked him all out and said it was a summer cold and he should be okay. We are taking benedryl and getting lots of sleep! Hopefully he will be back to his old self soon. Thanks for the prayers!

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