Monday, December 05, 2011

Say "cheese"...wait...don't

It is the little things that are constantly on my mind.  For example I have been thinking about a Christmas card photo since literally September!  Of course there is never a perfect moment...someone gets sick, someone is getting teeth (EKC) etc.  I also didn't want a repeat of last year where we didn't have a photo together and we just had to scroll through iphoto to pick out "decent" photos...I swear when it came down to the photo and me and Andrew I almost chose a photo we had taken a few years back before his work Christmas party...

Well all of a sudden it is a few days into December, no card.  So bound and determined yesterday after church I did a mini photo op with the kids in the front yard...didn't go as planned...

In the end we had someone from our community group take our photo!  Also one of our good friends at group is always so gracious to hand down her little girl's clothes to EKC....her favorite find of the night!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Santa is coming! I know him!

Today I surprised the kids and took them to Barnes and Noble for story time with SANTA! Jackson refused to get within 20 feet of Santa and Eva Kate was just the opposite!  She sat quietly smiling like an angel in awe of the Jolly man!  In the end, with promises of playing on the, I mean THE train table he sat next to me and even got a candy cane from Santa.  The also enjoyed singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".

Afterwards we walked around Ashley Park and awed at the giant Christmas tree!  Jackson then decided we should go see Mimi at of course we did:)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Last week was amazing!  Andrew was off the entire week and we had a blast!  Andrew and Jackson got to work out in the yard, raking and burning leaves (fun boy stuff).  Me and Eva Kate got to shop:)  Thanksgiving week also includes Andrew's birthday!  Here is a run down of our week.
Sunday one of the kids in our community group turned 3 so we went to his tractor party at one of the jumpy places.  The kids had a blast!  Afterwards we all went out to Partner's Pizza for some good food and great times with friends.  
Monday we had a birthday celebration at my mom and dad's. 

 Would not be a celebration at the Mitchell's without fireworks!

 On Tuesday Andrew and I got a date day.  This was so awesome to spend quality time with just Andrew!  We went Christmas shopping and then to see a movie.  We saw Courageous and it was amazing!  I highly recommend it!  Seriously there are only a few movies I have ever watched that truly made me think and change things in my life to make myself a better person.  Afterwards we did dinner and a little more shopping:) When we went to pick the kids back up Granny, Jackson and Eva Kate had made Andrew birthday cupcakes!

Wednesday was Andrew's actual birthday...the big 30!  We started off the day by waking up to our Christmas elf Ollie coming back down from the North Pole!  Ollie had set up the dining room and left us with cinnamon rolls cooking in the oven!  Lets just say the kids LOVED every minute of it! Ollie even dragged up all of our Christmas decorations from the basement and wanted us to decorate the tree.  So after breakfast we decorated!

 Eva Kate had her first taste of chocolate milk....lets just say...she enjoyed it!

Thursday we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of our families!  

Friday we had another birthday celebration and had a blast!  Saturday during the day Andrew and Uncle Mark worked on putting up the Christmas lights outside.  

We are pushing towards the Griswolds this year...

(Bethany: Is your house on fire, Clark?
Clark: No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights. )

Saturday night my parents kept the kids and Andrew and I got another night out to shop and grab dinner!  Sunday we had a great time at church, went to the grocery store and then rested up for a new week!
 And if you notice once again...I was the one taking the pictures...not in them...I swear I was there!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Obviously I am a few weeks behind!  We had a great Halloween minus the part where we had sick kids!  The kids had been excited to wear their costumes for literally months!  

We carved the pumpkin!  Andrew is great at hollowing it out!  
I decided to shoot for the stars and carve Mickey Mouse.  Andrew said he was proud of me and that he thought I would have given up...thanks alot!  It did take a lot of patience and a little muscle ;) 
Jackson said it smelled....of course.

We went out early to beat the cold!  Aunt Sarah came over to pass out candy while Andrew and I took both kids around the neighborhood.  We actually only made it to two houses before Eva Kate started coughing like crazy and starting to get cold.  So Eva Kate and Andrew headed back home and Me, Jackson and Aunt Sarah went trick or treating!  We had so much fun!

 FYI Sarah was dressed like a hippy chick:) 

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when she does this!

 Pirate princess on the run!

 On their way back to our how Andrew has a flashlight in one pocket and a sword in the other!

 I also celebrated my 10 year high school reunion.  There was a whole weekend planned!  Here are the kids at the family picnic!  Of course I am not in the photos because I am taking them...I swear I was there!