Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stepping into the life of a blogger:)

Well thanks to Amber Steele's suggestion I have decided to start my own blog. I am new to this so I guess I will just say that this blog is intended for our friends and family so they can keep up with our exciting lives:) LOL! Now that we have baby Jackson life has gotten way more interesting! I hope to update this alot so that you can keep up with how fast Jackson is growing!

Today was such a busy day for us. We got up early so that we could go to Babies-R-us, visit friends at JPES and then go see Granny at work. We bought a nice umbrella stroller that we can take with us to the beach this weekend. This one actually doesn't take up the entire trunk like the other one does. I picked out one that hopefully will last for a while. We then visited all of our JPES friends for a while and that was so much fun. When we got to Northgate to visit Granny Jackson was hot and hungry. Now we are finally home and praying to God that Jackson will soon take a nap!!! That is his picture up top where he is screaming b/c he is SOOO tired! Poor little guy!

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A Steele House said...

YEH! I will add you to my blog! It was great to see you this afternoon!