Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jackson is 16 weeks old today!

At 6:48 every Wednesday Andrew and I sing " Happy Birthday" to Jackson. Every week that goes by and Jackson is with us we feel so blessed. I can't believe that 16 weeks ago we just met little Jackson. He has brought such joy into our lives and has taught us many things. Having Jackson has brought Andrew and I closer together. I feel like we know each other better and truly work together as one. I thought that staying home with Jackson was going to be this blissful time where he and I would wake up in the morning peacefully and we'd play, eat breakfast, take naps, repeat, etc. Well some mornings I wake up to Jackson screaming, "I am hungry feed me NOW!" And sometimes when I am ready to walk out the door he decides to dirty up his diaper or puke all over the place. I know that sometimes we do have those blissful days of play, rest and true bonding time. But I have learned that having Jackson I do not put myself first. I cannot be selfish although sometimes I want to. He has taught me patience that I cannot describe and I love him for making me a better person. Jackson has made me a mommy and I feel like God has really put me on this earth to be a mommy for him. I love him with all my heart and I look forward to all of our adventures in life together.

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