Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sweet tater:)

Jackson has been doing great starting on veggies. The doctor told us to do all yellow veggies first, trying a new veggie every three days (to make sure he isn't allergic to any of them. Then we do the greens and finally fruits. So we are on our second yellow veggie. He loved his first, squash but man he LOVED sweet potatoes! He ate every single bite!

It makes it so much for fun and way easier to feed him when he likes what he is eating! I am sort of dreading the greens:( Hopefully the sweet potatoes will settle well in his little tummy:) So far so good. At least we'll be at my parents house if he decides to have a massive blowout! LOL! We are about to leave to go eat lunch with my mom and dad so we are very excited! Oh also I am working on a blog that has Jackson in his Halloween costumes. I am just waiting for a good time to put him in the chicken outfit b/c I don't want him to spew orange sweet potatoes or butternut squash all over the white outfit! Hopefully I can get that up later today or tomorrow so keep tuned in! I am also going to try to update this a little more often...but we'll see!

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