Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy day...stormy weather

This morning Jackson and I woke up and took an early morning trip to the grocery store. Then we drove to Tyrone to the Red Door Consignment store and got Jackson some fall clothes that may actually fit *since all his fall clothes are too short already*. I got all of these which includes Ralph Lauren Polo, Baby Gap, and Carters...all of this for $20.00! WOW! I love his store!

Here is Jackson's reaction to his new clothes.
We came home, I started dinner for tonight. I have chicken roasting in garlic in the glorious crock pot, green beans my special sauce:) And we will have cheesy potatoes and corn bread. Sounds like a perfect meal for a raining Monday! FYI I usually don't cook this meal so I don't want any of you getting mad thinking I have all this time and do this everyday b/c I don't! I'm excited there is an extra piece of chicken I can make some chicken salad for my lunch tomorrow:) Always trying or attempting to plan ahead. Now Jackson is sleeping like an angel on the couch and I'm about to curl up with my next love...a big bowl of creamy fattening Alfredo pasta. So I'll be watching the weather and doing some cleaning. Hope everyone is doing well and hope to write soon! I'll write to tell ya how the dinner went:)

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The Dunn Family said...

I LOVE THE RED DOOR!!!! My mom found a ton of maternity clothes for me there!! It's the BEST!!!