Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Tuesday

So tonight is Andrew's first night in grad school. He was really excited to go tonight! Today has been great! Lisa came to visit and then Grandma Mitchell came over:) Andrew did a drive by dinner and then left for school. Jackson thankfully took a nap while I cleaned the kitchen and folded a TON of clothes.

Today was the first day I started thinking about Halloween costumes for Jackson. I know, I know it's forever away but I wanted to get an early start! Any hoo tomorrow is jam packed again. I am going to hang out at Patty B's house for a while then FINALLY get my haircut! Thursday should be not so busy. Friday me and Patty B are taking the kiddos to a huge consignment sale... I hope to find alot of stuff for Jackson. In the afternoon he has his 4 month checkup...including shots:( This weekend we are possibly moving Mark AGAIN! He loves to move...lol j/k Mark! I'll keep you all posted!

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