Thursday, September 25, 2008

Silly Boy!

This week has been great! Alot more normal than the past few ones! Jackson is doing great and sleeping well. He has been sleeping till about 9ish everyday so far this week. I hope it continues but maybe he's just growing. We have a pretty good routine down pat now and I am loving that! He is more alert than ever and wants to do everything himself. He is very determined like his daddy. He doesn't like lying down anymore he always wants to sit up! He is grabbing all in sight and yes, putting everything in his mouth. Aunt Sarah came to visit Jackson yesterday and he showered her...literally showered her with puke! It was so funny b/c neither one of us knew what was coming. All Jackson could do was smile! Today he had the cutest faces he was making so I took a few pictures. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes! Tonight we are going up to church to listen to Andrew practice in the band for church. Jackson loves the music so I know he'll enjoy it. Uncle Mark is playing too!

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