Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where do I begin?

So we had a great weekend. Friday night we went to La Parilla with Mark, Nathan and Lisa. We had so much fun. We ended up sitting next to the "band" which Jackson LOVED! He was dancing around!

Saturday it seemed was completely devoted to college football! We decided to move our coffee table in front of the fire place that day. This gives Jackson the full floor to roll and play!
Paris loved it and I think she thought we did it for her! So they love playing together on the floor.

Sunday we went to church. Jackson actually sat through the service and was quiet then fell asleep near the end. We got to visit with Andrew's grandmother and that was fun!

So the weekend was great! However I do not even know where to begin about Monday. Everything was great. Jackson was in a great mood as usual in the morning, Mark was here for a few minutes, Paris was her normal self....then....ahhhhh!!! So first, you remember we moved the coffee table...so now there is a nice big rug in the middle of the floor. Paris puked! So I thought okay maybe she ate something weird I'll clean it up....well as I finished cleaning up the puke, let me repeat AS I FINISHED CLEANING UP she puked again and again and again. Of course she would do it right as I cleaned up the last. So I knew something was wrong. So I put Jackson in his exersaucer and continued to clean up. I noticed that Jackson had then puked all over his exersaucer and Paris had also puked all on the rug in the kitchen AHHH! So I ran around the house pulling up every rug we had down! AHHH! So I got everyone cleaned up and rushed to the vet. Well since I had a baby and a sick dog I needed help. I didn't have my cellphone b/c Andrew accidentally took it. So I had already called my mom and she was meeting me at the vet to help. Then my dad showed up to help and then came in Andrew's mom and her mom! I have such a wonderful support system! So Jackson was well taken care of! Come down to it that Paris probably just had a small upset stomach. She does however have her allergy issues and we are doing testing on her! It gets expensive but she's only 2 so we don't want her to suffer. Anyway we had a great night. We went out and finally found gas at QT at 4.09! Hopefully it will go down soon! Then Andrew came home and steam cleaned our rug:) I love him:)

Today is Jackson's 5 month birthday!!! My big boy! He is growing up so much. He is still talking. Sitting up unassisted for short periods of time and eating food like crazy! He is so great and I am loving the stage he is in right now! I am soaking it up because I know once he starts teething it will not be fun! Here are some pictures from the past week:) Enjoy!

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