Saturday, September 06, 2008

1st haircut and Lunch with Daddy!

So Andrew finally talked me into trimming Jackson's hair. I said yes because he started looking like a little poor kid. His hair is way down his ears and in his eyes so we had to do it. Here is Andrew getting ready....he held him over the

Before the cut....

Afterwards...the new do!

The hair that Andrew made fun of me for keeping...oh well...I kept it!

Friday I took Jackson up to Atlanta to meet Andrew for lunch. We woke up, had a great morning, took a bath then headed out. Jackson finally started playing with one of his bath toys while in the tub!
Daddy loves having his family at work with him!
Daddy got him all excited and of course...he spewed! At least his new bib caught it all!
Afterwards we went to IKEA and got some odds and ends. I could always spend hours in that store...but Jackson didn't want to. Just like a man after a certain time it was time to go and time to go NOW! So we left and he slept the whole way home. On the way back we stopped by the hospital and Jackson got to meet a new friend of his Nathan James Dewberry. Too cute! They'll have a play date sometime soon!
Looking forward to a nice weekend with the fam!

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