Monday, September 29, 2008

Professionally cut!

This weekend was a busy one! Andrew played in the band at church this weekend so we were there all Thursday night and Friday night. Andrew also had to play Saturday morning so he was pooped! One funny story out of this is when we got there one of the ladies wanted to hold him and I told her Jackson just ate but she refused to listen. Even after she had been puked on once she continued to bounce him around...well when she wasn't looking he leaned over and puked all, I mean ALL in her purse. I took him and went to the other side of the room....I guess she found out eventually when the smell becomes overwhelming! LOL!

Saturday Andrew had a hair appointment and since she had a little time afterwards she gave Jackson his first official haircut. Of course those of you that know me I ALWAYS have my camera with me....well for some odd reason that day I didn't. So the pictures are from Andrew's cell phone so....Jackson did so well and sat patiently as Brandy cut his hair. My little man is growing up. He looks so adorable with his new do! Saturday night my parents came and hung out for a little while. That was so much fun seeing them! Sunday I had to go to Shay's wedding shower and Jackson and Andrew had a boys day which consisted of sitting on the couch chilling, watching football! They really bonded! That night Andrew's fam came over and we ate tacos, yummy! I watched Desperate Housewives...which was in awe of the odd season premiere....but I watch anyway. Then we went to bed early!

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