Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Great Weekend!

We had another great weekend! Friday was jammed packed! I got up early and met mom at the First United Methodist Church for their Preschool consignment sale. Jackson got some cute fall/winter clothes and some toys. I got him some really nice/new v-tech music toy thingies. He loves them of course! After that my cousin Lori came down to spend some time with us! We had so much fun catching up and playing with Jackson. Right after she left Andrew's grandparents (Buck and Granny) came here and hung out with Jackson for a few hours. That was so much fun! Saturday morning we got up early and me, Andrew, Sarah, Patrick, Lori, and Jason all went to Six Flags for Andrew's company picnic. It was so awesome! It was the first time I got to ride a roller coaster with Andrew! We had so much fun and walked SOO much. Jackson had a great day spending time between the grandparents! When we got home we chilled out and watched some football with Jackson. Sunday was the best day of all! We woke up a little later than usual and came downstairs and Andrew made pancakes and eggs. It was so yummy. We lounged on the couch with Jackson and rented a movie "Baby Momma" which was hilarious b/c I love Tina Fey! We loved it! Then we just spent time together as a family playing with Jackson and cleaning up a little. We then went and ate dinner with Andrew's family at their house. It was yummy and it was great to see Mark before he went back to school. Today Andrew is working from home which is awesome having him here. Who knows what the day will hold and what the week will be like but so far its pretty great! I put a few pictures on here of one of our walks. We have been walking around the neighborhood almost every night and it is great since the weather is cooler. One night our little guy just couldn't make it all the way back with out falling asleep!

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