Monday, March 30, 2009

Paris Update

Well when I did my last post I didn't tell you that Paris had gotten up that night and had thrown up all over the house and wasn't feeling well. I stayed up with her Saturday morning and she wasn't acting like herself. She wouldn't eat, couldn't lay down comfortably, was shaking uncontrollably, and was crying. We watched her for a little bit and then decided to go to the vet. She was very lethargic and couldn't stop shaking. The doctors gave us some medicine to make her nausea go away and told us to fast her for the day.

We got home and she was in pain and still crying and shaking. I decided to stay up with her during the night to comfort her. She was still doing the same things and was not the normal Paris at all. She still drank water but wouldn't eat any food.

Today we decided to take her back to the vet. She is not shaking anymore or crying and is able to sleep. She also is still drinking water but would not eat anything at all. The vet kept her and gave her iv solutions to get her feeling better. They looked over her xrays and could tell her stomach and intestine linings were thick which meant they were inflamed. So we have a few more pills to take and a new food diet of fish and potatoes...which is a prescription diet...oiy! The good news is she is up more and acting like herself. She has also eaten food!!!! She can only have like a tablespoon at a time but she ate it up!!! Praise God!

I will keep everyone updated. Other than all of that drama we have had a great weekend together!

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