Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Major Boo Boo

Well we have had little boo boos before but last night we had our first bloody bloody boo boo. We were all on the living room rug playing and watching Jackson "walk" from one piece of furniture to the next and then he was trying to go from standing up to crawling and instead of getting both hands down he got one down and then his face hit the hard wood.... He started crying like he usually does when he falls. Andrew picked him up and started soothing him and then blood started gushing from his mouth. Now on an honest note I have been dreading moments like these (bloody boo boos: I know I have a boy and it is bound to happen, alot) and I am not NOT NOT immune to the sight of blood. I usually pass out! Well I was very proud of myself and Andrew. Super Mommy mode took over my body. We ran to the sink and I got paper towels to put on his mouth so we could clear it to see where he was bleeding from. Andrew saw it was coming from his poor little tongue so I got a wet paper towel for him to bite on and that seemed to help.

the little booger's teeth bit the top of his tongue and the bottom...those dang teeth! Poor little guy, his teeth had been bothering him all day with screaming and clawing out his gums and then this had to happen. Andrew had the idea to give him Tylenol and some more Orajel to calm the pain and it worked. Andrew put in Baby Einstein and Jackson was smiling in no time! He is such a little trooper! On a funny note I really wanted to take a picture of Jackson last night with Daddy holding him and he had big crocodile tears and he was holding a paper towel in this mouth. It was all so cute but I thought it would be cruel to pull out the camera at a moment like this.

Okay we'll as I finished typing this I looked down and Jackson had blood going down his chin. I think maybe he bit the bottom of his tongue worse that the top. Poor little man:( He is all better now. Backyardigans healed the little boy!

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