Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Easter

Jackson celebrated his first Easter on Sunday. He woke up and saw that the easter bunny brought him a basket with a toy car and the movie Kungfu Panda. He liked playing with the tissue paper more than anything. We went to church where we got to see all of the fam! Of course we only made it through the music and then Jackson wanted to talk to everyone so we watched church from the bench out in the hall (we have done this for a while now). We are going to try the nursery again soon.

After church we came home to change into comfy clothes and then we drove over to my parents house for lunch. We had a great time and ate some great food! Grandmommy and Grandaddy wanted Jackson to have an easter egg hunt so they did that in the front yard. Grandmommy had Jackson a basket with a bunny and the book Pat the Bunny. He had fun being outside and picking up eggs and putting them in his basket.

After we left my parents house Andrew's parents and Uncle Mark came over and brought dinner to us! This worked out so great since Jackson had been out all day! We had fun and after dinner Andrew, Mark and Andrew's dad changed out the light fixture in our dining room. They are such hard workers and did a great job! Thank you guys, you're the best! Andrew's parents gave Jackson a picture frame to hang in his room and a Dr. Seuss book! Jackson had such a great first Easter!
So tonight is the eve before Jackson's first birthday. Thinking back how far we've come in a year is insane! I only think I have made it this far because of God, my wonderful husband, and our wonderful families. I remember the night before we were going in to be induced and we were so excited and scared at the same time. We knew our lives were about to change forever but had no idea exactly how much it would change. You can never fully prepare for that change.

I remember the day he was born. We were going in to be induced at 10 am. Of course, we were late...lol. My parents and sister beat us to the hospital! We calmly filled out the paper work and waited for our names to be called. Going back in the room where we would meet our little Jackson the nurses gave me my gown to change into and started hooking me up:) I was already almost fully dilated but still had a way to go. The entire day Andrew was right by my side through the funny times and rough times. I will never forget when Dr. Turner came in and said "It's a great day for a birthday, lets start pushing." I thought to myself "what?? push now, I'm not ready...can I come back tomorrow?" But she is the most wonderful doctor and talked me through everything. I remember getting freaked out when in the middle of pushing she walked out of the room. She said that there was another lady in the room next door that she was going back and forth to...little did we know it was Elizabeth with little baby Ella!

At 6:48 p.m. Jackson David finally made his arrival. He was the most beautiful baby with a gorgeous head full of hair (which everybody's mother's brother said would all fall out and it never did). That first night I couldn't sleep, not because Jackson was up all night but because he was sleeping and I kept checking if he was breathing. Don't worry he then kept us up the whole next night!

Over the past year Jackson has brought such joy into our lives. He has made not only me and Andrew's relationship stronger but has made my relationship with God stronger. I couldn't have made it without those two important men in my life! This year we have tackled being peed on, puked on, projectile pooped on, gas, strained veggies and fruits, teething, boo boos, crawling, high speed crawling, biting, furniture walking, "talking", Barney, Baby Einstein, crocodile tears and everything else that comes with a baby's first year. Our lives have changed forever but for the best and I wouldn't change a thing. I cannot wait to see what God holds in store for this next year! Happy 1st Birthday Jackson David Caldwell, thank you for making me a Mommy!

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