Monday, March 16, 2009

The longest blog EVER!

So I haven't posted in a LONG time! So where do I start....well as if you didn't know it snowed randomly a few weeks ago. Our weather went from a week of 70 degrees to 65 degrees the day before it snowed...then snowed!!!! We actually got almost 3 inches!!! (This is huge for our area)

Jackson and Paris watching Andrew use his sled...

So of course after the "blizzard" it was back up to 70 degrees. Me and Jackson went to the park with Ella and Elizabeth. They sat on a blanket next to the lake and played.
One night Andrew had to do some work and Jackson wanted to get on Daddy's laptop so I found Jackson one of my old play laptops. He liked it for a little while.....

Until he found out it wasn't a MAC! That's my baby!
Any hoo since it has been really warm lately we have been taking Jackson to the park to swing. Jackson loves the park especially the swings! So we had decided for his birthday we were going to buy him a swing to attach to our porch. We went ahead and bought it for him since we were always going to the park. Andrew spent time hanging the swing for Jackson. While Andrew put up the swing, Jackson played in the back yard!

When he got in to swing he LOVED it!

One Sunday after church we let Jackson cruise around outside in his walker. He had so much fun!
Uncle Brian came to visit and brought Jackson an Aubie and an Auburn tee shirt! Thanks Uncle B!
I love wagon wheels!

And lastly I made a home made cake! Yummy!!
Hopefully it won't take so long to update next time!

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