Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sleepless nights...I thought that was so 4 months ago...

Okay so my little angel hasn't been sleeping too well. I have tried everything. I have tried shortening his nap, letting him jump his heart out in the Johnny Jump, and not giving him sweet fruit for dinner. So after about a full week of this I am sleep deprived and groggy during the day and my little angel some how has the energy of Tigger. So in a shorter version lately Jackson is his normal Tigger self and I am so Eore! Getting up every two hours was so four months ago. Jackson has always been a great sleeper and has been sleeping through the night forever. He also teased me for about a month of letting me sleep until 9. Then all of a sudden it was wham bam wake up ma'am. The thing is he isn't hungry and he is like still asleep when he "wakes" up. He wakes up crying and as soon as you put his passy in he falls asleep. So we play this game every two hours...if I am lucky I get to play again before I get back in bed! Hopefully this is him teething. Of course I have been all over the Internet trying to diagnose the problem and everything for this age points towards teething or ear infection and he doesn't really show all the signs for an ear infection. So maybe this little booger of a tooth will finally pop out and grace us with its presence. Then I guess we can look forward to instead of being gummed to death he will be trying to literally bite us! Oh joy! On a positive, funny note Jackson is now fully aware he has feet and is constantly holding them and biting his big toe...LOL! I love my little man.

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