Monday, October 13, 2008

Response to Andrew's blog

So I encouraged Andrew to contribute to the blog and he did the bestest job and cracked me up! Hopefully we can do more like that. Anyway in response to his blog, I give Andrew bookoos of points for actually telling me that the stroller broke. I couldn't imagine me being alone with Jackson in the Target parking lot and pulling out the stroller and a wheel go flying across the parking lot! So I was out on Saturday when Andrew called and the way he was talking on the phone (you know how you set up the situation for someone before you confess something happened?) and he said "well I wanted to take Jackson for a walk so we could watch the planes fly by(airshow was going on) on this nice day and I had Jackson in one arm and I was trying to pull open the stroller with the other one when..." All I could think was no Jackson got hurt! But thankfully he was just telling me about the stroller. He acted like he was scared I was going to be upset about the stroller. I wasn't mad at all. We bought that on what is called an impulse buy. Or as Andrew says "I wanted a TV you wanted a stroller" Last year he was trying to convince me to get a TV while we were at Target and he knew that I was really wanting a stroller so he sold me on the idea by letting me pick out one a Target. We SOOO should have done research on that one! Anyway I want to end this part by saying I have the most wonderful husband in the world for calling and telling me and thank God he didn't duct tape it. I don't know which would have been worse...opening up the stroller in the parking lot and the wheel go flying across the parking lot or pulling it out to find that the wheel is duct taped on and that I couldn't' make left hand turns....oh joy!

On a Jackson note...he FINALLY, FINALLY has a tooth that is poking its head out! Gesh if we have gone through all of this for a tiny tooth, we have a long road ahead! Also you may know I just recently taught myself to knit. Well I just finished my first baby you can see by the pictures this one is a wee bit too small for Jackson...maybe a newborn? Jackson looks Jewish...(I didn't say that to offend anyone).
Also we got to have dinner last night with Andrew's parents and with Uncle Mark. We had fun and it was nice to get in a visit!
Tonight if the weather gets better we are going to try to take Jackson to Kids Castle Park for the first time! That should be fun!

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