Monday, October 06, 2008

First visit to the park

Sorry I haven't updated as much lately. Jackson is growing up and tends to be more demanding on some days. So back by popular demand (Mark), I am updating the blog. This weekend was great. We finally bought Jackson a new car seat. He is getting so big and his other one he gets really uncomfortable and it is just pitiful so we after much research we finally settled on one. Andrew walked in and was completely sold on the Britax and with all the safety features and ease of putting it in the car I was sold on it too. Now of course it wasn't the cheapest of the seats but can you really put a price on safety? Well last night Jackson didn't sleep very well. And today he napped but when we was awake he was screaming, therefore I think that we are full fledged teething, guess we will see. Since I had a "rough" day when Andrew got home we ran some errands and took Jackson to the park in Peachtree City by the lake. Jackson loved looking at the lake and he really liked looking at the geese and ducks.

We did unfortunately have a casualty, Jackson's passie fell into the lake...since it rolled in duck poo we decided we would just donate it to the lake. Maybe when we go back some lucky duckling will have it in his mouth.

We wanted to swing and go down the slide but the playground was packed! Maybe during the day we will go and have more space. Enjoy the pictures. I will try to take a picture of Jackson in his new car seat soon. Here is what Jackson looked like after all was said and done. He was in his old car seat b/c we took Andrew's car and we didn't feel like taking the other car seat out.

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