Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Day of School

I can not believe that Jackson's school is out for the summer!  Actually I am surprised we made it through the year!  

The first day

 The last day:

We started off rough but with the help of all of the amazing teachers at Crossroads Weekday Preschool, they helped Jackson adjust to being away from Mommy.  I am so proud of my little man.  He has grown up so much in a school year, learned so much, and made some great little friends!  Jackson is sad not to play with his friends but we are looking forward to summer play dates with our friends.  Since my surgery we have been blessed to have Pappy be able to take Jackson to school so that he could enjoy his last few days.  

Today was Jackson's last day and his teachers were throwing a party.  I have been off of my pain meds a few days so I was able to go to his party and pick him up!  It was so nice to catch up with friends I have missed.  Jackson, Eva Kate and I had so much fun! 
Jackson got to give his teacher's their Thank You presents and his teachers gave him one of his favorite things: a puzzle! 
Also they had made a book in the same boat as "Brown Bear Brown Bear" but had pictures of Jackson.  It was crazy how much he had changed in a year.  You can also see the progression of him not liking school because Mommy wasn't there to him loving school!  Reading through this book brings back memories, read above each photo. 
  This is the day that the teachers made blue Jello and Jackson REFUSED to taste it.  I remember thinking "what kid doesn't like jello?"  After his teacher told me that he wouldn't even try it I asked Jackson why and he said "mommy I don't eat blue jelly"  Gotta love him!
 So at the beginning of the year Jackson wouldn't color, paint or participate in art (which was weird because that is all he does at home!)  I believe this was the first time they were able to paint his hand and you can tell he was still a little upset about it (my little clean boy doesn't like to get dirty) 
One night we had open house and the teacher showed us Jackson's photo they use for morning activities and when we saw Jackson's we couldn't stop laughing!  We had never seen him make this face before but think it is so adorable.  Since then if you ask Jackson "what face did you make at school?" he will make this face:)
After school I told Jackson I would take him to lunch so he chose of course: French Fries.
Eva Kate had lunch too and she was pretty tired from all the excitement of the party!
On that note I think Jackson is going to take a nap too so I can do a little bit of relaxing.


Melanie said...

Fun school year! The sunglasses picture and the funny face made me laugh lol. Emily is going to preschool when she is 3... I'm hoping she will like it!

Corbin said...

Those pictures of Jackson are so cute. Those will def. be so sweet to look back on! And the picture of Eva Kate with the bottle in her mouth sound asleep is priceless. I think she was wore out!