Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Less Organ

Friday night I started having horrible stomach pain along with nausea and a fever.  That lasted throughout the night and I woke up with the same horrible pain on my right side which was very sensitive to touch.  After an hour or so at the Summit Urgent Care, the doctor sent me straight to the emergency room.  Luckily the wait was not bad.  I still felt bad "wasting" an awesome Saturday in the emergency room if nothing was wrong.  The doctor examined me and scheduled a CT scan.  I had to drink a not so bad drink and then wait two hours for the scan.  After that whole ordeal a surgeon came in and told us that they could compare my CT scans (I had one a year or so back) and that my appendix was significantly larger.  So literally after being diagnosed I was being prepped for surgery.  The surgeon told me that it would take about 30 minutes, I would be in recovery for about 45 minutes and then could GO HOME!  Everyone at Piedmont Fayette Hospital was incredible.  The doctors and nurses were amazing (as usual).  

So now I am at home and recovering.  I am in alot of pain but I am getting better every day and pushing myself to see the positive. It is really hard not being able to pick up my kids but I want to do what is best for me.  I have also realized how blessed I am and God has shown me the wonderful people he has blessed me with to have in my life.  My family and Andrew's family has be INCREDIBLE!  They have taken turns watching the kids, making food, and just making sure that we are making okay with out Momma (me) being 100%.  We have also been blessed with an amazing community group through our church.  They have prayed for us, brought us meals and just been there in our time of need.  I cannot thank them enough for all they have done!  
I can't leave this blog without adding a few photos of the kids.  I mean that is why you read it right?  You don't want to hear my problems, you want the cute kids:)  Enjoy!
Eva Kate and her funny faces she makes:
Also Eva Kate has become mobile in her walker, which drives Jackson crazy because she pulls off everything in her reach! 
 Being on a "liquid" diet the first few days Andrew and I made Potato Soup!
If you would like the recipe it is so easy and sooo yummy! Here it is and you can thank Paula Deen.  Now I did not add shrimp just a basic potato soup and it was so yummy!

Jackson has loved having his Aunt Sarah around the past few days!
Hopefully I my next post will be about how great I am feeling!  Keep up the prayers!

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