Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am glad to report that I am doing much better than I was doing last Sunday!
I think that I have healed up nicely and I give the credit first to God and then to community.  When I say community I mean my group of family and friends.  I have had someone here with me every day since I had my surgery! More than that I have not cooked dinner since!  Our wonderful family and community group friends have kept us well fed!  I truly believe being surrounded my God and His people have made my healing so successful!  

So even though this has been a hard, stressful, painful week, we have still had our great times! 

Eva Kate is still attempting to crawl but nothing yet. But she does try to pull up!
Her new favorite snack: Gerber Graduate puffs.  SHE LOVES THEM!

Jackson and Eva Kate's relationship continues to bloom and I love more than anything to see them interact with each other!  
My wonderful Grandmother that lives in North Georgia couldn't come down to help me so she sent me a care package.  Of course she included fun things for the kids. Jackson loves his new animal hats!

 I even joined in on the fun!

I hope you enjoyed as always and I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Joanna said...

We are so glad that you are feeling better! :)
I love the pictures too!

Anonymous said...

You and your children are beautiful!
david sutter