Thursday, June 02, 2011


I am aware that I have not blogged in a while.  In fact I have been blogging just in the edit mode and will post as soon as I finish. It is really long including all that has gone on in the past week or two.  I promise it is coming soon! 

With that said I wanted to post a quick, fun blog about this week.  Jackson started his swim lessons yesterday and it went better than I had expected.  I pretty much expected it to be like his first weeks of school but really only the first half of lessons went that way.  He still refuses to wear his goggles, but we are working on that!

I have been a member of Groupon for the longest time ever but just recently started purchasing them.  I have gotten some amazing deals such as our incredible canvases (which I LOVE), Shutterfly books, Old Navy deals, and haircuts.  Last week I purchased two groupons for haircuts for Jackson.  We cashed in on one of them today!  Jackson had been looking at the photos online and said he wanted to get his haircut while sitting in the Thomas the Train chair.  Well we get there and he chose the pink Barbie convertible.  I have to admit it was the coolest since it played music and when you pushed the pedals the wheels actually moved!  Still it cracked me up!  He got an awesome haircut and at an incredible price!  Thank you again Groupon!

 Eva Kate is more mobile than ever!  Watch out!  Gotta love her!  I can't believe that in two months our baby girl will be ONE! Time flies!

Melt my heart!


Sarah Mitchell said...

These pictures melt my heart too. I can't wait to see my little ones tomorrow!

Megan Phillips said...

I love Zany's! :)