Thursday, January 29, 2009

What A Week!

Wow this has been one of the craziest weeks in a while. Andrew worked from home on Monday because Jackson had his 9 month check up. Everything is great with Jackson! He still surprisingly hasn't passed the 20lbs mark. But he keeps getting taller! The doctor told us that we can experiment more with Jackson's food and feed him more of what we eat (which we had already been doing) but Jackson loves it! Unfortunately Monday night I started getting sick. I think I just had a virus but I am still not feeling up to par :( So Andrew worked from home again on Tuesday so that he could take care of Jackson while I rested. He is such a wonderful husband!

Yesterday Jackson decided to start crawling. Where that came from I have no idea but once he started he hasn't stopped. This morning I had to barricade the living room just so I could rest a bit. It is so crazy how he can go from rolling around to actually focusing on something and then crawling over to get it! So we are now baby proofing as we go.

Last night Jackson had his first spaghetti dinner! He ENJOYED IT! Of course we enjoyed watching him eat it all up...the fun part came when we tried to clean him up. He had spaghetti EVERYWHERE! Andrew just took him straight upstairs to bathe him while I did highchair duty...I think next time we are going to stick a trash bag over him with a little hole cut out for his head and arms....Soooo messy!

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