Friday, January 16, 2009

9 months BABY!

Wow it is crazy to think that our little man is 9 months old today! He has now been alive for as long as I had carried him! He has changed so much in these nine months. Just recently he has become unstoppable! He isn't crawling but he can scoot anywhere he wants to go! He is way more interested in trying to walk and pulling himself up. So maybe he'll skip crawling all together and just start walking! We'll see. Happy 9 months little man!

Yesterday my Aunt Karen and cousin Melanie came over with Melanie's new little baby Emily. She is the cutest little girl! Jackson didn't quite know what to do with a baby that small (3 weeks old). He was more interested in her when she got into her carrier. It was too cute! Soon those two will be playing together!

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