Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving break

We had the greatest Thanksgiving break ever. It started off with Andrew's birthday weekend. Monday we went over to West Georgia and drove around our old school. It was like old times and we even ate at the McDonald's. We went over there so we could pick up software for our MAC. The boy loves to jump!

Tuesday Jackson had a doctors appointment. He was still stuffy and he needed his second flu shot. Everything went great. Wednesday I had to go to the doctor since I had been stuffy for about a week.

Wednesday night we went to the Steele's annual Thanksgiving get together. We had so much fun playing games and hanging out. Andrew and I got to play Wii for the first time and I had a blast.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we had a great first Thanksgiving with Jackson. We got up and watched some of the parade. Then we went to my Grandma's house to eat Thanksgiving lunch. It was great getting to see everyone. That afternoon we spent our time with Andrew's family. After that we were so stuffed!
Jackson and Grandaddy

Me and my momma!
Jackson ate so much he passed out!
Friday we went out shopping later in the day. Andrew and I went to Ashely Park and got almost all of our Christmas shopping done.

Saturday we spent the day at Nathan and Lisa Coggin's house watching football and eating yummy food! Sunday we relaxed at home:) We cleaned up around the house and decided to box up some of Jackson's toys that he doesn't use anymore. We let Jackson swing in his swing for the last time. He really enjoyed it!

Today Andrew went back to work and me and Jackson missed him so much! Today Jackson found everything funny. So tonight I finally taped him laughing! I hope it makes you laugh too!

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JNAKBoswell said...

Jackson's little laugh is so cute! I can't believe he is that big already!