Thursday, December 18, 2008

Warm December?

This has been such a great week! It has been different since last week we had to bundle Jackson up like an Eskimo baby and this week he is wearing short sleeves! Tuesday night we went to dinner with Nathan and Lisa. It was so much fun. Jackson ate his first taste of biscuit. He has really been using those new teeth of his this week. He started eating "snacks" and gums the heck out of whatever we give him! My goals this week were for Jackson to have more floor time and tummy time to get him to crawl, and to get him to hold a sippy cup. We are still in progress...

Last night we had Sarah and Patrick over for dinner. That was a blast as always! Today Uncle Mark brought me lunch and he played with Jackson for a bit then went out and is staining our fence! It looks so awesome! While it was warm (70 degrees) I took Jackson outside with his walker. He enjoyed being outside and LOVED playing with leaves. So it was a great opportunity to learn a great lesson, we don't eat leaves. After about 20 times of me telling him this I think he finally got it. We shall see the next time we go out! He had a blast though! I can't wait to see what the next week holds! Hopefully we'll go see Santa soon!

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