Sunday, December 14, 2008


Okay so he may have my chubby cheeks. Granddaddy Mitchell says that Jackson is storing up nuts for the winter! LOL!
December so far has been great, but busy. Jackson is still growing like a weed, and changes every day! He loves to play on the floor on his blanket with all of his toys!
He loves to give hugs:)

Last weekend we had a family Christmas party and my mom and dad's house and Jackson loved hanging out in Aunt Sarah's room and listening to her play guitar!

As you know Jackson has his two bottom teeth. Well he just started getting back into his sleep routine and of course what happens? He has two big chompers coming in up top! Ouch no wonder they hurt! So every time I try to get a picture of his teeth this is what I get:) SOO CUTE!
We were at Chickfila, yes I know, big shocker there! We were at Chickfila, as usual when they decide to bring out Santa cow. Andrew wanted him to sit in his lap. I was a little hesitant since the first time we ran into Santa Jackson didn't like it. I hate it because the picture with Jackson and Santa I had on my phone accidentally got deleted. So we retook one with Santa BEHIND Jackson so he couldn't see him:) Oh it should be a blast when we actually go see Santa...oh me oh my....

Me and Lisa went on one of our shopping adventures this week. I was on the prowl for a dress for Andrew's MWV holiday party. So we shopped everywhere at the Avenue in Peachtree city. We ran into my mom and while I was trying on clothes at the GAP she took Jackson to the Baby GAP to try on hats. This is the one we decided on:) I love it!

Last night Andrew and I went to the Omni Hotel in Atlanta for his company's Christmas party. It was so nice to get out on the town with Andrew. We got to get dressed up and eat a very elegant meal! It was great hanging out with all of the people Andrew spends the majority of his day with! He is very blessed to work for such a great company and great people!

LOL! At this angle we blocked the big tree.....