Monday, November 24, 2008

Andrew's Birthday weekend!

Andrew turned 27 on Sunday so I decided to have a Birthday weekend for him. On Friday Andrew came home to a nice dinner. We finally used our fancy china from our wedding. It was very nice. After dinner we had cake and then we gave Andrew his presents. Jackson got him a huge bag of megablocks. Andrew and Jackson sat in the floor for 30mins solid playing with the blocks. Andrew built and Jackson destroyed. Now if you just sit Jackson on the blanket in the floor he starts squealing because he knows they are about to play with blocks!

On Saturday Jackson got his 3rd haircut...yes 3rd! This time was a little harder. He started to cry whenever she started cutting (Like it hurt). As soon as Brandi gave him attention he stopped. So cute! Also it was so cold he finally got to wear his winter coat...he didn't like it...hopefully he will grow to love jackets like his mommy does!

After that we went to my parents house for a little while before we went to a book shower at Amber Steele's new house! The book shower was for Tripp, (and Jessica and Justin). We had so much fun getting to see everyone!

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Andrew didn't have to leave the house all day! For dinner Andrew wanted pizza so Andrew's parents brought over pizza and cake. Mark and Brian also came. We had so much fun together. Andrew got a VOX guitar amp (more musical equipment) which he loves. Mark had the great idea for this gift. It was something that Andrew loves but wouldn't buy for himself. So it was nice to see Andrew surprised and loving his gift! So to our neighbors, sorry ahead of time for the loud music coming from our house.

Today was a great day! We got up and Andrew did some work around the house. This afternoon we went and paid our taxes and then drove to West Georgia so Andrew could get software for our MAC:) YAY we have WORD now!!! Also Andrew has been working on teaching Jackson how to make his tongue click and tonight he finally did it! Jackson was so proud he did it over and over and over....until I got the camera out, of course. I did however caught on tape Jackson's new favorite thing is to drink from a cup. So whenever Andrew has his cup of water Jackson wants to drink from it too. Enjoy!

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