Monday, January 31, 2011

Last week of January

This last week of January I think my kids wanted to end it with a bang! It started off with EKC not sleeping (which is unusual). Every month or so she will have a night and we just attribute it to a "growth spurt". Well this time we thought it could be teething because our sweet angel was great all day but she waiting until our heads hit the pillow and the scream fest began. Nothing would sooth. New diaper, no. Warm bottle, no (was afraid she was getting into the habit!). Rocking and cuddling, no. Jackson started to not feel well around Tuesday so we figured EKC was the same way. We waited it out thinking they were getting better until Saturday morning we decided it was time to feel better again and we were dying for sleep! Both kiddos have a sinus infection. EKC was weighing in at a whopping 17lbs and Jackson at his content 30.

Both kids have been taking their medicine great! Even Jackson takes all his medicine down with little fuss! (Answered prayer if you don't remember what I use to go through!) So I kept Jackson out of school one more day just to make sure we have enough meds in him and for me to start feeling better.

On a great note I finally got a full nights rest after a week of not sleeping through the night! Also EKC got her first pair of shoes. She loves jumping in her jumpy thing and trying to stand up so we wanted to protect those little feet. Are they not adorable???

Also on a great note the weather was FABULOUS! Luckily Jackson started feeling better and got to play outside all weekend with his Daddy and his sandbox! I also got this great expression from Jackson! Love that boy!

After I took this picture Andrew got a hold of my camera...and he took some really great shots!

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Megan said...

LOVE EK's new shoes! Can't wait to see her sporting those around soon.