Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Days....

We were so excited about the big "snow storm" we were to be getting starting on Sunday night. I was very skeptical of what we were actually going to get here in the big GA. Just to be safe Saturday morning we stocked up on the necessities: milk, bread, formula, diapers, wipes, you get the idea. Well Sunday night while at community group we had to cut it short due to the ice that started falling and actually already sticking to the ground. Jackson...and Andrew were so excited watching the ice fall praying for it to turn into snow...which it did a little bit. We went to bed in hopes of waking up Monday morning with more snow than we would know what to do with, or at least enough to build poor Jackson a snowman. I feel so bad for Jackson. Ever since he watched Frosty the Snowman he has been dying to make one of his very own. He has been teased several times so far this year with "snow" but never enough or the right kind to make one with. I think the way we are going this winter we may at least see one snow worthy enough for making a snowman.

Disappointing we only literally got an inch...of ice. So Andrew took Jackson out walking around the house...which Jackson said it was "too icy" and Andrew had to carry him the rest of the way. Then Jackson and Andrew came to the front yard on the sled. Jackson loved being pulled!

While the boys went outside, EKC and I stayed warm inside!

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