Monday, November 14, 2011


Obviously I am a few weeks behind!  We had a great Halloween minus the part where we had sick kids!  The kids had been excited to wear their costumes for literally months!  

We carved the pumpkin!  Andrew is great at hollowing it out!  
I decided to shoot for the stars and carve Mickey Mouse.  Andrew said he was proud of me and that he thought I would have given up...thanks alot!  It did take a lot of patience and a little muscle ;) 
Jackson said it smelled....of course.

We went out early to beat the cold!  Aunt Sarah came over to pass out candy while Andrew and I took both kids around the neighborhood.  We actually only made it to two houses before Eva Kate started coughing like crazy and starting to get cold.  So Eva Kate and Andrew headed back home and Me, Jackson and Aunt Sarah went trick or treating!  We had so much fun!

 FYI Sarah was dressed like a hippy chick:) 

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when she does this!

 Pirate princess on the run!

 On their way back to our how Andrew has a flashlight in one pocket and a sword in the other!

 I also celebrated my 10 year high school reunion.  There was a whole weekend planned!  Here are the kids at the family picnic!  Of course I am not in the photos because I am taking them...I swear I was there!

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drucilla said...

Love all these pictures Andrew and Crystal....they are all so beautiful and gave me so much pleasure. Love the music you have to go with this. Love you all. Gma Drucilla