Thursday, November 03, 2011

Icky Sicky!

The past few days have been a little rough.  Jackson hasn't been well, Eva Kate is getting a mouth full of teeth.  Jackson has missed school all last week.  It started a few Sunday's ago with a fever which got worse each night topping in the high 103's!  So that meant some sleepless nights.  I don't know about you but fevers scare me, especially when it doesn't react to medicine.  So Monday night, the worst night, I felt like I was one of those ladies in the old movies that had covered up my sick son with cold wash cloths hoping to break his fever, which finally like 5am....I was grateful!

Eva Kate has been teething for a while now and he swollen gums are just now showing little white teeth popping through.  Which cause her to be grumpy and not so easy to put to sleep.

So last week during the crazy sleepless nights Andrew was working really late so I was doing the bedtime routine, alone.  Sometimes that can be a stressful job when you have help!  It had been a really long day for me, not having much sleep, fussy sick babies who didn't nap very long, and just being tired.  So I gave the kids a bath and they were amazing doing everything I asked.  We really  had a great time just playing in the bathtub and brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed.

After the kids had their jammies on Jackson was playing quietly in his room while I rocked Eva Kate and read one of her favorite books "Pat the Bunny" which she calls "bunny"when I had a "moment".   I was watching how Eva Kate thought this book was the best thing ever.  She smelled the flowers, played peek a boo with Paul, touched daddy's scratchy face and for the first time enjoyed looking in Judy's mirror.  (Now if you have never read this book you are probably thinking what in the world are you letting your children read.  Trust me it is cute and she loves it)  She looked in that mirror as if she had never seen herself before and she was kissing the mirror and touching the "baby's" nose.  Then I realized I was having one of those moments where I thought one day, maybe 20 years or even 10 years from now will I remember the way she loved that book, will I remember her excitement in that moment.  I started to thinking that all these crazy moments like a hard bath time,  late nights with sick kids and realized one day I will miss the crazy times and may not be able to remember the little things my kids did everyday while they were little.  So I have take a few photos to remind me of the little everyday things that are common things now but may be the little things I forget and will miss one day.

How Eva Kate climbs in the fridge any chance she gets.
She literally LOVED our pumpkin.

Jumping in leaves
Her diaper showing.
How quickly they can destroy a room.

Her favorite step.
He loves to wear big people shoes:)
What her hair looks like when she wakes up from nap.
Jackson's school had two firetrucks come during community helpers week.  Jackson and Eva Kate both loved it!

In the end Jackson got better, still dealing with a cough and poor Eva Kate is recovering from the croup.  I am so ready to get over the sickness and teething.  And I am praying for a miracle that I don't get sick!

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