Monday, July 04, 2011

Past few weeks

This past week we have been cleaning up and storing away some of those precious baby items that Eva Kate has outgrown.  It is sad seeing them go away wondering if we will ever use them again.  Here is Eva Kate the first time she used the swing.

 And here she is right before we put it up.

 Jackson even tried out the baby tub. (FYI we haven't used any of these items in a long while.  We just had them shoved into the spare bedroom)

 Jackson learned to pedal his bike!  He is growing up so fast and learning new things everyday! 

Our little Miss is growing up fast too!  Over the past two weeks she has hit a growth spurt!  She is "furniture walking", speed crawling, loves to love on her babies, she now says "baby"....and you can tell in this photo she is already learning how to be a woman....she is bossing around her brother!

 I didn't do it.

She loves to feed her baby a bottle.

 Isn't he beautiful.

 So full of personality.

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