Sunday, July 10, 2011

I got my OWN grill

Friday me, Jackson, and Eva Kate went to Target to get some toys for our church's toy drive.  While shopping the clearance toys I spotted a play grill.  I knew Jackson would love that for Christmas so when he wasn't watching I slipped it in the bottom of the cart.  Halfway through our Target trip Jackson spotted the grill and fell in love.  He kept saying to EVERYONE, "I have my OWN grill."  I mean I figured he would forget but we went to other stores and he told everyone there about "his grill".  So when Daddy got home we decided to give it to him and I think this is his favorite toy yet!

He seriously flipped on Saturday when Andrew grilled out and asked if Jackson wanted to bring his grill out on the deck too.  Enjoy the pictures....Jackson is usually fully clothed!

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Mom said...

Jackson is so cute cooking out just like Daddy! I just love reading your blog!